Wesley Keith: UPA Nationals in Dubuque, IA on  4/18/15
181 lb Full Power Raw Classic 1,604 total

Kyle Keough (148): All-Time World Record 1482-lb. Raw Total, RUM VIII

Kent Fleming: 1,000 lb squat at SPF Nutri-Sport Meet hosted by 22nd Street Barbell on 03/01/14

Jake Hartman: UPA Iron Battle 07/19/14
181 lb Full Power Raw with a 1,598 lb total 

Wesley Keith 2014 Lexen RPS
181 lb Full Power Raw Classic with a 1,570 lb total

Kyle Keough
R.I.P. Reckless Kyle

Janis Finkelman: 2015 SPF Meet host by 22nd Street Barbell
132 lb Full Power Raw with a 900 lb total

Jake Hartman: Raw Unity 8
198 lb Full Power Raw Classic with a 1,675 lb total

Annie Brees, Lakesha Manning, Abbie Mork, Stephanie Coady & Mary Carpenter @ 22nd Street Barbell

Andy Gjerstad, James Davidson & Dan Groves
UPA Power Weekend 2014 in Dubuque, Iowa

Dan Green: 2014 LA Fit Expo
242 lb Raw Class WR total

LaKesha Manning: 2014 Lexen RPS
123 lb Full Power Raw Classic with a 860 lb total 

Nick Weite 2014 USAPL MEN'S NATIONALS 6/22/2014
275 lb Singly Ply Full Power with a 2,271 lb total

Kyle Keough: RUM VIII Training 
700 lb reverse-band deadlift

Nick Weite: 2014 IPF Open World Championship 11/8/2014
275 lb Single Ply Full Power with a 2,260 lb total

Animal Cage
ENTER THE CAGE: Extended Trailer For Animal's The Cage 2015